Wednesday, April 16, 2014

YouTube Battle Reports

Hello internet:

I've been uploading videos to my channel since March 2012 and have had quite a few inquires about how to get started in YouTube - specifically with respect to battle reports.  For me, this is a very in depth topic because I approach each video as though I were making a short film. For those of you curious as to exactly what goes into the "Wargamer Girl" method of making videos, I will explain each step in painstaking detail over the next several articles. I don't expect any sane person to go through this much effort for their own videos, this is just for anyone wanting to know how I create my battle reports and why they take so long to produce.

This first article will be a short introduction where I explain why I take the approach I do to the battle reports I make. In the following weeks, I will go into further detail with each step from pre-production to post production and everywhere in between.

To begin I would like to share that I am a film enthusiast, I love movies. I love stories, cinematography, lighting, acting - all of it! I approach my own videos with much of the same creativity I see in movies on the big screen. I work to to give a sense of action to the models and make the battle look like it is unfolding, rather than it simply being a game. Most importantly, I want to make my battles to look as fun to someone new to the hobby as I find them to be.
I grew up in a small town with no game stores. I did not get into miniature wargaming until much later when I moved to a bigger city. I know there are a lot of other people who have to drive an hour or more to their friendly (not so local) game store to be able to play. Online battle reports help make games more accessible for those who can't always make the pilgrimage to the store and want to either learn about a new game or explore tactics and strategy with a game he/she already plays. My focus is to make videos that are just as entertaining as they are informative.

When I play wargames, I see them as little cinematic action movies. I endeavor to make my battle reports bring to life what I see in my mind as move my little army men around. It's not just a RAT 7 model shooting at a DEF 14 model, my men need that hill dammit!

 See you next time!

Wargamer Girl